So, what is Subpixel?

Welcome! We’re a new studio building games. We’ve worked together in gaming and non-gaming over the past decade, and it turns out games are more fun. We’ve got two projects in the works:

Ready Set Goat: A free mobile platformer that’s not quite like anything else you’ve ever played. Click here for more details; live in early 2020!

Secret project: A massive adventure of a 2.5d side-scroller with strategic combat, original platforming puzzles, and layer upon layer of mystery. Occupying a giant 100 story skyscraper, you’ll unravel the mystery as you explore every floor and squeeze every ounce out of your abilities. This is a game we can’t wait to play, so we’re working fast to get an early alpha ready in 2020.

We’ll be looking for collaborators in art, programming, and beta testing, so reach out ( if you’re interested or just want to say hello!

– Jimmie and Eric



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