New and Improved Ready Set Goat!

Ready Set Goat is back with a major update, and we’re here to explain all the exciting changes. We hope you’ll find the same core gameplay you love, but with added layers of strategy and challenge. Let’s jump right in!

More Challenging Enemies

We’ve introduced a new concept for enemies: hats! Hats double an enemy’s health, meaning you’ll have to stomp twice as many times to knock them out. You’ll now see both standard enemies and their tough hat-wearing counterparts throughout the updated early-game and in Random Mode.

Chaos Gems

To help offset these powerful new foes, you can now collect chaos gems. These gems drop any time you dispatch an enemy while on a combo streak. As long as you’re on a 2x or higher streak, each enemy knocked out will drop one gem. Prioritize queueing up enemies for combos, and you’ll be swimming in gems.

One thing to keep in mind: gems will only stick around for 5 seconds, so pick them up quickly!

But, how do these gems help you? Well…

New Power-ups

Every time you collect 5 gems, a mystery box will appear in the center of the stage. Each side of the mystery box contains a new and powerful aid in vanquishing the creeps: extra lives, added damage, or some surprises. We won’t spoil everything here, but try grabbing the mystery box from different angles to explore different strategies. Just keep in mind: powerups only last a limited time, so keep collecting those gems!

Huge thanks to all the devoted players that shared feedback and helped shape this update. We’re thrilled at the early response to Ready Set Goat and will continue to add new gameplay and features in the coming months.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to or find us on instagram and twitter!


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