Coming Soon to Ready Set Goat

Some major additions are on the way for Ready Set Goat. We’re aiming to add interesting challenges and tons of new customization to keep you stompin’ for months to come. Let’s hop right in!

Level Up Your Game

Earn XP every round based on your score, completing new achievements, and meeting daily challenges. High scores and personal bests will net tons of XP, but those shorter rounds are worth something too. You’ll also earn a free crate with each level up, all the way to level 50.


Each crate contains a random reward to customize your game and build your collection. You’ll get 50 free crates just by leveling up, and you’ll also have the option to buy more. Of course, we’re not adding any pay-to-win mechanics or ads.

Welcome to the Hop Shop

As to the rewards, we have TONS of new art to customize your game. Want to play as a wizard goat battling robot creeps in a blizzard? We’ve got you covered. Among the 100+ rewards will be:

  • Dozens of new goats – colors, patterns, outfits, you name it
  • New heroes, like an alpaca or baby hippo
  • New enemy outfits – the creeps join a punk band!
  • Entirely new game backgrounds; anyone up for a trip to the moon?
  • And more surprises!

Stay Tuned!

We’re working around the clock to finish everything in this update as soon as possible, with a target launch in September. Keep dispatching those creeps for now, and keep an eye out for more updates!



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