Coming Soon to Ready Set Goat

Some major additions are on the way for Ready Set Goat. We’re aiming to add interesting challenges and tons of new customization to keep you stompin’ for months to come. Let’s hop right in! Level Up Your Game Earn XP every round based on your score, completing new achievements, and meeting daily challenges. High scores Read more


11 Tips for Building a One-Button Game

The allure of one-button games for developers is clear: it’ll be easy! Easy to: Build quickly Onboard users Both of these can be true, but there’s something missing: developers also want their games to be good. With that pesky requirement, suddenly we’re trying to: Build something fun quickly Onboard users and keep them playing The Read more


The Golden Rule of Indie Game Dev

Every indie game you’ve played is a survivor. For each success there are a hundred failures, and for every failure, another thousand left unfinished. Maybe 10,000. The reason: everyone who loves games wants to make one, but they are the hardest art form to make well. They are interactive and interdisciplinary and asymptotic. They are Read more


So, what is Subpixel?

Welcome! We’re a new studio building games. We’ve worked together in gaming and non-gaming over the past decade, and it turns out games are more fun. We’ve got two projects in the works: Ready Set Goat: A free mobile platformer that’s not quite like anything else you’ve ever played. Click here for more details; live Read more