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Fact Sheet:


One-button mayhem, no kidding. Battle wave after wave of fiendish foes in this hectic, non-stop, action-packed mobile game! Creeps are causing trouble in the mountain goat’s serene home. Send them back to where they came from! Ready Set Goat is a one-button game with retro roots, sure to be a fun and addictive challenge! Last long enough and maybe you’ll be the G.O.A.T of the Day, or even the All Time G.O.A.T!


  • Simple and accessible one-button platformer that is tight, fast-paced, and satisfying. Play for a few minutes or a few hours of non-stop fun.
  • Scripted early game followed by endless random mode
  • All-time leaderboard (“Bleaterboard”) – leverages iOS Gamecenter and Android Play Games
  • Daily high-score winner (“Daily G.O.A.T.”)
  • Personal stats page

About Subpixel:

Subpixel is a gameplay-focused indie game studio, founded in early 2020 by Jimmie Tyrrell and Eric Saar. The name stems from our obsession with the details in game design and development, deeper even than individual pixels. Our two-person operation has a history of successful collaboration in both game development (at Playdom/Disney Interactive) and SaaS software development (the founding team at Reflektive).

As of early 2020, we are prototyping and setting the foundation for a small, bootstrapped indie studio. Ready Set Goat is our first game, sprouting from a one-button game jam. For more information, check out our homepage or contact us at

Key Art and Video:

Included in this package are the following:

  • Company logo
  • Ready Set Goat logo
  • App icon
  • Screenshots
  • Character assets 
  • Gameplay clip

Contact us ( for any additional asset requests and we’ll be happy to work with you.


As of May 2020:

  • iOS App Store: 55 reviews, 5-star rating
  • Android Play Store: 57 reviews, 4.9-star rating

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